Welcome to the Southwest Michigan Seek

and Search Club's

President's Corner.


Hi everyone!

Welcome to the SW MI Seek & Search Club web site!

If you are new here, take a stroll through our web site and check out our club!

A little about our club. We meet on the third Tuesday every month in Plainwell MI. See our map for directions.

Some of the things we do at a normal meeting: We have great fellowship first and foremost! We get to see what everyone has been finding, and we have a find of the month contest with four or five categories depending on the season. The winner in each round wins a prize. We have a snack break, and that is a great time to chat about detecting and whatever else there is to talk about! We have door prizes, and other drawings. Some months we have a speaker who shares about different interesting things like, antique bottles, gold panning, scuba diving etc.... Most of all we have a lot of fun at our meetings. We average about 65 people at our meetings, and we are one of the biggest detecting clubs in the US! This is also a great place to find out where others are located to help you find someone to go metal detecting with.

Our club also has two seeded hunts a year, one in the spring, and one in the fall. These hunts are for members only. We bury silver and other old coins as well as tokens that are good for prizes. When the hunt master says go, you find as many coins and tokens as quickly as possible.! You keep all the old coins and turn in the tokens for prizes. We have a pot luck at the hunt, and we also have a camp out. A few people come in on Friday and camp, then more come in on Saturday for the fun. We usually find a good spot to go as a group to look for treasure on Saturday. Then Sunday is the main day. That is when everyone comes for a day of fun! We have two main hunts, usually a special hunt, a kids hunt, a pot luck dinner, some raffles, and again, a ton of fun! :)

Some other activities that the club does is: We meet in small groups to go detecting, we collect pull tabs for the Ronald MacDonald House, We give away two turkey's each at the November and December meetings, some members attend competition hunts in other states, and some team up and go on organized relic hunts, We have a Christmas party with lot's of food, raffles, an auction, and lot's more. We have interpreters at our meeting to serve our hearing impaired members, we have a winter banquet, and we are taking steps to work on getting some of our areas here in the state that are closed or restricted to metal detecting opened back up! We also have a summer club hunt at a location like a state park or similar site.

Member benefits include: Find of the month competition, special coin or detector drawing, door prize drawings, Seeded hunts, a monthly newsletter, and a silver eagle for perfect attendance. So why not consider joining the club!

Thanks for visiting the club web site, and if you have any questions, you can contact me through the web site.

Mike Walker

Club President