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Presidents Corner August 2010



Treasure hunting! Could there be a better hobby? I can't think of one. With the rise of the price of gold and silver, so many new people are taking up this hobby. It reminds me of the gold rush in the 1800's. Many people headed for the gold fields in hopes to get rich quick. The same holds true for many who are buying detectors to go find gold on the beaches and in the water. Little do they know that it isn't as easy as it seems. Many will put the detector in the closet, or in the next garage sale. Now for those that find some treasure they might just get the detecting bug and keep on swinging that coil. Maybe they will even join a club like ours. Then you have us die hards who have had the bug and it is here to stay. You will find us out detecting when it is too hot, when it is dark, when the skeeters are to thick, or even in the dead of winter! Like I said, I can't think of a better hobby!

Now what do we do with all these newbies in the hobby? Well maybe we should help to get them started right. Teach them correct digging techniques, teach them to always take their trash items with them, to ask for permission, to fill in their holes, to help give the hobby a good name, and the list goes on. There is plenty of treasure to go around so if you see a newbie when you are out digging, invite them to a club meeting. Get to know them, invite them on a hunt with you. Many don't know how to find a silver coin, or a gold ring. Does this mean you will be adding another detector to the areas that already are getting thinner on the treasure.? Sure it does. But like a friend and fellow club member recently mentioned to me. Would you show someone how to use a detector if they asked? I hope so. I firmly believe that no area is ever hunted out, so like I said before there is enough to go around. Take pleasure in seeing someone else find their first Indian head penny, or large cent. Sure it could have been yours, but now someone else just experienced what you did when you found your first!

Now let's get out there and find some of that treasure. Be sure to bring it to the next meeting and share with others what you have found. Make a new friend and take them digging. Maybe go to a school or historical society and tell them all about treasure hunting. No telling what doors it may open for you. Help find an item that someone has lost, or research that class ring you found and try to find the owner. Sure you could scrap it for a few bucks, but the joy you will give that person when you return their lost item will far outweigh the money in your pocket.

Hope to see you at the next meeting!